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Best Places To Live in Perth

Perth is a growing city and the capital of Australia. Many people move there, inspired by its beauty. The best part is that it has almost nonexistent crime, homelessness, and traffic levels. It also has flip-flop weather for nine months out of the year, beautiful beaches, and areas not far from each other. 


Moreover, Perth is the hub of business where people get chances of employment, mostly. Therefore, people move to Perth. There are many other beautiful places to live in Perth. People think living in Perth is so costly. But we say that the quality of life comes with the cost. If it is expensive, then there are chances of affording the cost of that life. 

If you want to live in Perth but don't know which place you should choose, you can take help. Perth removalists always help people to find the best location in Perth. There are different cities, and all are popular for specific reasons. Here we have mentioned the best place to live in Perth that you can consider relocating.


Churchland is called the city of starlings. It is a suburb in Australia, Perth. The best place to move with the family. There are houses, apartment buildings, and the best place to visit for an outing. Moreover, there are the best schools, which makes it an excellent choice for living with family. 

Best For The Nature Lover

There is Herdsman lake near the church, which is the recreational area and wildlife sanctuary, making it perfect for people who love living in nature. 

Safe For Living A Peaceful Life

Churchland has a lower crime rate than other cities. You are safe here, whether you live with family or alone.Whether you are a celebrity, VIP or a common person, your life and assets can be safe while living in the Churchland.

Reasonable Living Expenses.

Rents for home and apartment depend on the area of Churchland you decide to live in. There are affordable living areas and highly expensive areas near lakes. 

Moreover, all kinds of hotels, shopping centers, gyms, clubs, and services work there. 

So if you find yourself in trouble choosing the best place to live in the Churchland, call Perth removalists. Removalists in Perth have the best knowledge about the areas because they pick and relocate the people from one place to another. In doing this, they get knowledge of areas and their specifications. Therefore, they can be the best at telling you which area will be best to live with family and for individuals.


The city of Nedlands is referred to as Dalkeith. It is situated in the major business district, roughly 7 kilometers from Perth, Western Australia. The wealth and high housing values of the city are well known. In Dalkeith, the cost of living is extremely high. As a result, if you are one of the fortunate people who can afford the lifestyle of Dalkeith, you are privileged to live in Perth's most desirable area.

It is one of the few areas in Western Australia that benefits from three of the state's best features.Due to the river and ocean breezes, the suburb's location is on an island (the Swan River surrounds it on three sides).

It gives it a more moderate temperature. It is still a peaceful, leafy community with low traffic. Parents with school-aged children due to its closeness to excellent public and private schools highly valued it.

Best Known For The Large Natural Reserves

There is large natural parkland in Dalkeith, which makes it the best place for nature lovers.

  • Mason garden
  • Bishop reserve
  • Cruikshank reserve

These parks cover 17% of the whole suburb, making it one of Perth's leafy suburbs.

High Chances OF Employment 

You can get employment in Dalkeith easily as there are many chances of getting hired. You can immediately obtain a full- or part-time position on a good salary.

Traditional to modern types of homes are available

As Dalkeith is well known because of its beauty of houses, you can get from fully traditional to modern houses according to your taste. An electrical array of homes and people adds character and appeal to this beautiful suburb. 

You can easily relocate this place by hiring Perth removalists as they serve all over Perth. 


Claremont was established in 1898. It is the hub of the suburbs of Perth. The city Claremont is best for living because of. 

  • Large shopping center
  • Public transport
  • Pedestrian-friendly streets
  • Restaurants
  • Cafe
  • Bars

Moreover, there are 10000+ residential places. This is the ideal place for living a luxurious life. 

Therefore, if you decide to move to Claremont, hire the best packers and movers in Perth for your safe relocation.


Perth is an ideal place to live. For living and earning, Perth is an ideal place. Therefore, you can easily move in. But to move to Perth, you must decide on a place to live. Three major cities are mentioned above for ease in choosing the best city. You can pick one and work with Perth's top home mover. They can assist with a simple and secure relocation.