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Moving interstate Car Registration and Drivers' Licence Essentials

Moving interstate? Car Registration and Drivers' Licence Essentials

Moving to another state is known as moving interstate. If you are locally moved then you just have to load and reload things. Because you do not need to re-register your car and driving licence. But if you are crossing the line of another state. Then there are other things added in your list. You need to re-register your car/vehicle and driving licence with the state where you are going to reside. For example, you need another state permit letter. Also, you have to register the car and need a new driving licence. For all this, there are some essentials that are necessary for new registration. 

Interstate Moving

Interstate moving is not easy. But it will be if you have the proper plan. Besides, you know the good moving company Perth. From there you get all the services at affordable prices. Irrespective of all that you have to re-register your all important things to the new state. Do it on an early basis, because all states have their time span. After the deadline, they take legal action against you. It is in your favour if you do all the essential things before moving interstate.

Prerequisites For Moving Interstate

There are some prerequisites for moving interstate. Follow them before moving. If you have vehicles, you have to re-register them in another state. It is crucial for security reasons. Also, ensure that you do the registration within the time limit. However, there are some important prerequisites for moving interstate. Like you have to check the school for your children. Booking vehicles for shifting of your belongings etc.

Multiple things that you have to do. However, there are some very important things that should be done carefully. There are some states in Australia where you have to get the registration of the car/vehicle and driving licence in a new way. All these states have their own rules and regulations. The states of Australia where you need the registration are:

Western Australia

Within 3 months, you need the registration of your vehicle in western Australia. Find the nearby local transport department. Fill out the registration application. Giving them all essential proofs like a car ownership certificate. For a driving licence, go to the concerned department. Hand them all proof of your driving. They do the physical examination of you like eyesight etc. Beware that the penalty of not having a car registration and driving licence in Western Australia is severe.


In Victoria, you get 6 months for the whole registration. Also, you have to go to the nearby concerned department. There you have to provide the proof. Like the vehicle and engine number. Fill out the form for registration.

New South Wales

In New South Wales, find the local transport service centre. Fulfil all the requirements. Here you need to provide insurance from a third party(CTP green slip). Also blue slip, a report from the vehicle inspection station before 42 days of the registration.


In this state, you have 14 days for car registration. For a driving licence, you get 3 months. Do the same procedure as going to a nearby licence station. Providing them all necessary proof of vehicle and driving licence. 

South Australia 

Surrender your old registration for re-registration of vehicle and driving licence in the new state. Pay the registration fee. Fulfil all requirements for getting the new registration. 

All these states have 3 months for the new registration except Queensland. Only for vehicle registration, do you get 14 days. You have to surrender the old licence. However, you can use your interstate licence for some days. After that, you have to provide the new address with all water, gas, and electricity bills. With that, you have to provide the medical fitness certificate too. However, you should not have any criminal offence record. 

Well, there are some compulsory things that you need in every state for registration. These essentials are given here:

Car Registration Essentials

For car registration, the things which are compulsory are given here:

  • Surrender registration of the car
  • Birth certificate
  • Plate number registration
  • Necessary documents
  • Passport
  • Your photographs
  • Medical certificate
  • Registration fee

By providing all above the essentials, you can register your car.

Drivers Licence Essentials

Similar to car registration, renew your driving licence too in another state. The essentials of a driving licence are given below:

  • Driving licence
  • Passport
  • Car insurance
  • Identity card
  • Documents 

With the provision of the above driving licence, you will get your driving licence.


Moving interstate is somehow different from moving locally. Because you require another state permit letter. Also, you need to register your car and driving licence according to new state rules. It is compulsory for both your and the state's safety. So, when you decide to move interstate, do all the re-registration of essentials immediately.