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9 Tips To Select A Good Mover Company in Perth

Moving is stressful as it is. If your belongings get in the wrong hands, the chaos of the situation can be very overwhelming. But if you make the right choice, the removal process can be wonderfully smooth and even exciting. 

Navigating the maze of removalists in Perth is confusing. We have condensed your search into 10 crucial steps so that you don't get into scammer's traps. 

Movers Not Brokers 

If you are moving for the first time, it’s more difficult to distinguish between genuine companies, scammers, and brokers. Whenever a third party is involved, accountability weakens. With brokers, your removal appointment is booked and then that booking information is sold to a removalists company in Perth. 

This takes control from your hands because you don't really know the company that will work for you. Secondly, in case of property damage who will you blame? Neither party will take the full blame so you will be left in a very insecure position. 

Perth Removalists is an independent company that works with clients directly. We take full responsibility for our work. You should always make sure that there are no brokers!

Research Online

All businesses have shifted online. An indicator of the best removalists in Perth is their online presence. Visit websites of removalists near you in Perth. You can also visit other sites and see the shortlisted company’s reviews to determine what people think about them. 

If you can find information about the mover, that shows their popularity and authority. 

Ask For Verification

All the trustworthy companies have verification from the government. If a company doesn't have appropriate documentation and licensing, it has something to hide. Never trust your belongings with unverified companies. 

We here at Removalists in Perth take these things seriously and are AFRA verified. We can provide you with all the documentation you need for your peace of mind. Don’t settle for less if you want a safe removal. 

Visit Their Office

Visiting an office gives a better idea of the company’s organisation and professionalism. Besides, you can always visit their office if any future problem occurs. Therefore, do not hire a removalists company in Perth without a physical address- they can easily scam you!

Get An Estimate And Cost Breakdown

Estimates give a direction to your removal. Not having an estimate is like trying to find a way in a dark room. We always visit our clients and look at the residence in detail to make sure that a proper estimate is given. 

On-call or other online estimates are not reliable so you should avoid them. A cost breakdown will also allow you to see where your money goes and you can even adjust it if needed. Choose affordable removalists in Perth but not the cheapest. You will not regret spending money when you see the quality and quickness you get. 

No Large Deposits!

The best removalists in Perth like Removalists in Perth don’t ask for a large deposit. Untrustworthy companies ask for a very high deposit and when the date for the removal arrives, they are nowhere to be found. The most suitable way is to pay when the job is done without any initial deposits. This is how we operate too. 

Avoid Movers With Multiple Names

Usually, moving companies that switch their names are trying to avoid official investigations. They don’t have proper verification or a proper code of conduct. These are the companies that do the most damage. 


Using references from your acquaintances and family is a smart way of finding House removalists in Perth. It gives an added advantage of using tried and tested removalists companies. Chances of mishaps are lessened to a great extent that way. 

Make A Safe Contract 

Don't fill empty contracts. Always write down the conditions of the deal on paper. Verbal agreements just don't do it. You cannot risk anything with your house and belongings! People hate reading contracts but it is necessary. You should understand what you sign up for and add adjustments if necessary.